Welcome to Quo Vadis

italian restaurant

Quo Vadis is a small, intimate and friendly restaurant seating twenty five persons, on special occasions more can be accommodated depending on table plan.
We pride ourselves on ambience and do not double book or do double sittings, once a table is reserved you are there for the evening, relaxation is the idea.
Meals can be leisurely as everything is freshly cooked and always by Michele himself. Our food is not ‘nouveau cuisine’ a selection of vegetables is always included in the price, along with French bread and butter.

food hygiene rating very goodWe are also allergy aware; questions can be asked and will be answered honestly as to what goes into our cooking. Quo Vadis is well supported by local people, for some regulars it is on their doorsteps restaurantfor others it’s a once or twice a year treat, for all who come through our doors their business is appreciated and never taken for granted.

As a local business serving local clients Quo Vadis aims to give the customer what it desires, we make a real effort to accommodate the needs of the individual , for example if a customer likes a particular table we try to ensure it is available, we basically aim to please at all times. We do not have a set time for closing, unless we are quiet. We will open earlier in cases if asked to. Special requests are always considered regarding bookings, food choice etc. Our customers are important we never forget that they are central to our success.

Gift Vouchers are available.